You Won’t Start a Web Browser Apocalypse – Closing Out to Save Yourself Time

esq-exploding-computer-072111-lgDid you know you can bookmark all open pages by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + D? You didn’t know that? It’s ok – most people don’t. That’s why they leave a dozen browser tabs open all the time because they think the world’s going to end if they close out their whole browser window.

Most don’t realize that you can come right back to where you were with all those precious browser windows just like they were.  The CTRL + SHIFT + D trick creates a bookmark folder for you which contains bookmarks of all open pages.

When you open the browser back up, just right-click the folder in the list of bookmarks and choose “Open all bookmarks”.

Another option is to close out the browser completely, open it up fresh, and then press CTRL + SHIFT + T, which will load all of the previously open tabs. You might need to play around with this technique a little depending on the type of browser you use your settings. This last trick may only work of you are on a “blank” tab (no web page loaded).

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