Spend a Little to Save A Lot by “Leveling Up” Your Computer

super-mario-brosWe live in such a disposable society that most people think that the only way to speed up their hardware is to trash their computer and get a brand new one. But they don’t realize that there’s inexpensive ways to “level up” their current computer and still get a big performance boost.

You could have more RAM installed in your computer, which would be far less expensive than getting a whole new computer. More RAM (memory) can make things perform a little more “snappy”, especially when you have multiple programs running at the same time. Check with your IT department or local “computer experts” to figure out if you can upgrade and what it would cost.

If using a desktop computer, you may also consider adding a second hard drive, which is also less expensive than a new computer. This will allow you to move personal files (documents, images, music and videos) onto another hard drive, freeing up space on your main hard drive, which then improves performance.

You could also disconnect devices that you’re not even using. This can free up resources that were being used to make those devices “active” and ready for use.

If you have to get rid of your computer, please be sure to recycle it appropriately.

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